We welcome you to the exciting world of applied mathematics!

Since it was started in 1976, the Interdisciplinary Program in Applied Mathematics at the University of Arizona has grown in size and stature and is now a highly regarded interdisciplinary graduate program, both nationally and internationally. The great strength of the Program lies in its large body of distinguished faculty who come from many different academic disciplines in the mathematical, physical, biological, and engineering sciences. The breadth and depth of endeavor has created a vital and exciting environment in which to work.

By coming to Tucson you are opening yourself up for many opportunities:

  • to feel the balance of theory, methods and algorithms in our core courses;
  • to become involved  in research and teaching of modern applied mathematics from your first day on campus; 
  • to take specialized courses according to your interests and desires - in dynamical systems, complexity theory, bio-informatics, numerical analysis, machine learning, statistical mechanics or data science - as you need it in your research;
  • to get hands-on experience in research internships with many of our industrial and government lab partners; 
  • to choose an adviser from more than 100 professors teaching and advancing many areas of natural, engineering and social  sciences through mathematics;
  • to follow, understand and change boundaries of modern applied mathematics through your research work and teaching;
  • to be well-positioned by the time of your graduation for many career options in academia, high-tech industry and national labs. 

If you are a potential graduate student interested in obtaining a PhD and/or MS, or Certificate in Applied Mathematics, I hope you will find this information useful and stimulating. 

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Michael Chertkov
Chair, Program in Applied Mathematics

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