Campus Pantry The goal of the UA Campus Pantry is to reduce food insecurity in the Wildcat Community.  At distribution events, students and staff can grab important food staples at no cost. All you need is your CatCard!
Counseling & Psych Services CAPS Care Pathways will match you with the individualized care you need to get the right treatment, at the right time.
Dean of Students Dean of Students resources page
Disability Resource Center (DRC) The Disability Resource Center (DRC) is the department designated by the University to ensure access to University classes, programs and activities for disabled individuals on main campus, UA South, Phoenix campus and Arizona Online.
Fellowships & Community Engagement The Office of Fellowships and Community Engagement (OFCE) assists graduate students in searching and applying for funding outside of the University of Arizona -- including NSF Graduate Research Fellowships.
Grad Funding monthly newsletter
Funding Opportunities Specific travel funding: GPSC Travel Grants, Don Wilson Fund, Carter Travel Award, Gruener Research Travel Award
Graduate Center The University's Graduate Center is a valuable resource for all graduate students and postdoctoral scholars.
Graduate College Information for new and current students: Academic services, Costs, Funding, Professional Development, Childcare, Health & Wellness, 3rd Party Payments, Other UA Resources
Graduate Assistantship Benefits Benefits of employment as a TA or RA such as tuition waiver, health insurance, fee deferment plan, family & medical leave, bookstore discount
GradPath How to navigate GradPath forms in UAccess
Health Insurance Student Health insurance information

Jobs in Math



The Math department maintains a Google group that serves as a listserv to post job announcements in the mathematical sciences. A few faculty organized this group and have been very proactive in sharing potential jobs for graduates to this list. You can share jobs to this list by emailing  It is not required to become a member of this group, but you can view all previous email postings in the mathjobs forum by going to!forum/mathjobs
Job advertisements can also be found at:  American Mathematical Society,, EIMS (Employment In the Mathematical Sciences) and it is recommended to sign up for the Employment Center (EC) at the Joint Mathematics Meetings.
UArizona Institutional Knowledge Map (Kmap): Search for experts, delve into various research areas, and visualize potential collaborations at the University of Arizona using our Knowledge Map (KMAP).
Life & Work Connections Child and elder care resources
SOS Support. Outreach. Success. (SOS) supports all University members, with a focus on enhancing the student experience.
Study Rooms Long-term rooms available to grad students to reserve at the University's Main and Science Libraries for preparing for comps, preparing/writing dissertation
University General Catalog Academic policies for graduate students