PhD Graduate

John N. Aarsvold

1985 to 1993

Associate Professor, Emory University

Craig K. Abbey

1991 to 1998

Researcher, University of California, Santa Barbara

Alejandro Aceves

1984 to 1988

Professor, Southern Methodist University

Hatsuo Adachihara

1983 to 1989

Jesse Adams

2013 to 2019

Postdoctoral Researcher, Nevada National Security Site

Zakaria M. Alawneh

1986 to 1990

Associate Professor, Umm Al-Qurra University

Jose Oliverio Alvarez-Sierra

1999 to 2005

Senior Geoscientist, Aramco Research Center

Orna Amir

1995 to 1999

Analytics Group Manager, Waze, Google

Kevin R. Anderson

1992 to 1998

Vice President, Greater Twin Cities United Way

Julia C. Arciero

2003 to 2008

Associate Professor, Indiana University--Purdue University Indianapolis

Sheree Arpin

2001 to 2007

Assistant Professor, Framingham State University

Fernando Avila-Murillo

1983 to 1991

Brenae Bailey

2004 to 2014

Lecturer, University of Arizona

Jared Barber

2003 to 2009

Assistant Professor, Indiana University--Purdue University Indianapolis

Karl G. Bauer

1994 to 1999

Matthew A. Beauregard

2002 to 2008

Professor & Interim Chair, Stephen F. Austin State University

Benjamin P. Berman

2009 to 2015

MITRE Corporation

Computational Imaging Scientist

Lisa J. Bernstein

1985 to 1991

Senior Principal Statistical Scientist, Genentech

Edward James Bevan

1983 to 1995

Millennium Engineering & Integration Co., Arlington, VA

Jeremiah Birrell

2009 to 2014

Marshall H. Stone Visiting Asst Professor, Univ of Massachusetts Amherst

Kbenesh Blayneh

1989 to 1995

Professor, Florida A&M University

Brian Bollen


Data Analyst, Gravy Analytics

Michael Borghese

2011 to 2017

Research Scientist, Amazon

Richard A. Brazier

1992 to 1997

Sr. Assoc Dean, Penn State Commonwealth

Prof Math & Geology

Jackson K. Burton

2011 to 2016

Scientific Director of Mathematical and Statistical Medicine, Critical Path Institute

Annalisa M. Calini

1989 to 1994

Program Director in Applied Mathematics, NSF

Marcos Campini

1987 to 1991

Yi-Fen Cheng

1987 to 1993

Carlos Chiquete

2005 to 2011

Postdoc, Shock and Dentonation Physics Group, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Nakul R. Chitnis

2000 to 2005

Project Leader, Dept. of Public Health and Epidemiology, Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute

Colin Clark

2011 to 2019

Postdoctoral Researcher Associate, University of Arizona

Anne V. Clough

1982 to 1986

Professor, Marquette University

Darin Comeau

2007 to 2013

Staff Scientist, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Daniel Coombs

1996 to 2001

Associate Professor, Deputy Director, Institute of Applied Mathematics, University of British Columbia

Marc Courtemanche

1988 to 1993

Director, Solution Architecture, Vantrix Corporation

Robert Crandall

2008 to 2018

Research Scientist, Amazon Go

Robert Crandall

2008 to 2018

Research Scientist, Amazon Go

Kathleen M. Crowe

1987 to 1991

Director of Data Science, Intel Corporation

Justin Crum


Systems Engineer, Raytheon, Tucson, AZ

Gustavo Cruz-Pacheco

1989 to 1995

Professor, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico

Haiyan Cui

1988 to 1995

Research Specialist, Sr., Arizona Cancer Center, University of Arizona

Arie Dagan

1983 to 1986

Serina Diniega

2004 to 2010

Scientist/Systems Engineer, Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Joseph Dinius

2007 to 2014

Senior Research Engineer, UBTECH Robotics, North America R&D Center

Thomas A. Doerr

1978 to 1983

Ramone Angel Durazo-Arvizu

1987 to 1994

Professor Public Health Sciences, Loyola University Chicago

Bojan Durickovic

2005 to 2011

Vacuum Group Leader, Facility for Rare Isotope Beams, Michigan State University

Luke Edwards

2014 to 2019

Cryptography Engineer, Aztec, United Kingdom

Sarah Frey Eichhorn

2000 to 2004

Associate Vice Provost, Teaching and Learning, University of California Irvine

Nwabuisi N.O. Elele

1983 to 1988

Michael P. Elfendahl

1988 to 1994

Joseph Erker

1992 to 2002

Professor Mathematics, Pima Community College

Jesus Adrian Espinola-Rocha

1997 to 2006

Associate Professor, Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana

George C. Fennemore

1991 to 1995

Permit Specialist, Barrick Gold Corporation

M. Gregory Forest

1974 to 1979

Grant Dahlstrom Distinguished Professor of Mathematics

Eric Forgoston

2000 to 2006

Professor, Montclair State University

Cecilia Fosser

1994 to 2000

Director, Cytel

Brendan Fry

2008 to 2013

Associate Professor, Metropolitan State University of Denver

Brandon Gallas

1992 to 2001

Mathematician, Imaging Physicist, U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Martin Gildardo Garcia-Alvarado

1991 to 1998

Professor, Universidad de Sonora

Luis Garcia-Naranjo

2000 to 2007

Associate Professor, Università degli Studi di Padova, Italy

James Gartside

1989 to 1995

Jonathan E. Gayek

1979 to 1984

John B. Geddes

1990 to 1994

Professor, Olin College

John Gemmer

2006 to 2012

Assistant Professor, Wake Forest University

Victoria Gershuny

2014 to 2019

Scientist, FDA

Rahman Ghamasaee

1987 to 1997

Faculty, Northlake College

Howard Gifford

1989 to 1997

Associate Professor, University of Houston

Scott A. Glasgow

1988 to 1993

Associate Professor, Brigham Young University

Kevin Gomez

2014 to 2020

Sr. Systems Engineer, Raytheon Missile Systems, Tucson, AZ

Ted Gooley

1984 to 1990

Director of Clinical Biostatistics, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Anita Rado Goriely

1993 to 1998

Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Arizona

Christian G. Graff

2001 - 2009

Senior Machine Learning Engineer at Micrima

Kris H. Green

1994 to 1999

Professor and Chair, St. John Fisher College

Patrick Greene

2010 to 2018

Postdoctoral Fellow, Institute for Computational Medicine, John Hopkins University

Thomas Gruszka

1980 to 1987

Professor, Western New Mexico University

Wayne Hacker

1992 to 2002

Faculty, Pima Community College

Aric A. Hagberg

1989 to 1994

Staff Member, Theoretical Division, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Karl Haller

1992 to 1998

Assistant Professor, Pasco-Hernando Community College

David Halpern

1985 to 1989

Professor, University of Alabama

Stephen Hammel

1978 to 1986

Atmospheric Optics Group, Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center

Daniel Hariprasad

2009 to 2014

Research Scientist II, Biotechnology HPC Softwar Applications Institute, Ft Detrick, MD

Travis Harty

2014 to 2020

Scientist, World View

William G. Hawkins

1977 to 1983

Associate Professor, University of Arizona

Mark H. Hays

1990 to 1995

Nicholas Henscheid

2012 to 2018

Quantitative medicine scientist (AI/ML), Critical Path Institute, Tucson, AZ

Michelle A. Hine Armstrong

2010 to 2015

Engineering Scientist Associate, University of Texas, Austin

Andrew Hofstrand

2013 to 2019

Postdoctoral Research Associate, Optical Sciences, University of Arizona.

Benjamin Holman

2011 to 2016

Senior Systems Engineer I, Raytheon Missile Systems

Brian Hong

2013 to 2018

Software Engineer, MathWorks

Karla J. Horsch

1990 to 1997

Research Scientist, University of Chicago Medical Center

Scott Hottovy

2008 to 2013

Associate Professor, United States Naval Academy

Guangyu Hui

2013 to 2019

Quantitative Analyst Specialist, Wells Fargo

Elizabeth C. Hunke

1989 to 1994

Fluid Dynamics and Solid Mechanics Group, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Craig L. Hyde

1993 to 1998

Director, Pfizer Inc.

Jeffrey Hyman

2009 to 2014

Staff Scientist, Compuational Earth Science Group, Los Alamos National Laboratory

A.Evan Iverson

1982 to 1987

Science Applications International Corp.

Per K. Jakobsen

1987 to 1990

Professor, University of Tromso, Norway

Robert "Bob" M. Jenkins

2003 to 2009

Postdoc, University of Arizona

Edward S. Jimenez

2004 to 2010

Principal Scientist and Engineer, Sandia National Laboratories

Shan Jin

1987 to 1991

Statistician, University of Maryland

Shi Jin

1988 to 1991

Vilas Distinguished Achievment Professor, University of Wisconsin, Madison

William A. Johnson

1974 to 1978

Sandia National Laboratories, Retired

Patrick O. Kano

2001 to 2005

Sr. Multi-Disciplined Engineer, Raytheon Missile Systems

Nicholas Kappler

2012 to 2018

Engineer, Raytehon

Stuart T. Kent

2007 to 2013

Mobile Application Developer, Detroit Labs

Dustin Keys


Isak Kilen

2012 to 2017

Norwegian Defense Establishment

Sangil Kim

1999 to 2005

Assistant Professor

Department of Mathemaicts, Pusan National University

Aaron A. King

1993 to 1999

Nelson G. Hairston Professor, of Ecology, Evolutionary Biology and Complex Systems, University of Michgan

Natalia Komarova

1993 to 1998

Chancellor's Professor, University of California, Irvine

Dmitry Kondrashov

1997 to 2005

Senior Lecturer, University of Chicago

David A. Kopriva

1978 to 1982

Adjunct Professor, San Diego State University

Sergei L Kosakovsky Pond

1998 to 2003

Associate Professor, University of California, San Diego

Hannah Kravitz


Assistant Professor, Computational Mathematics, Portland State University

Michael Kuecken

1998 to 2004

Researcher, Technical University of Dresden

Loong-Piu Kwok

1985 to 1988

Emily Lane

1998 to 2004

Coastal Modeller, National Institute for Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA), New Zealand

Andrew B. Leach

2011 to 2017

Machine Learning Deployment Engineer, Google

Grace Lee


Quantitative Medicine Postdoc Fellow, Critical Path

Andre Lehovich

1996 to 2005

Associate Staff Research Scientist, Decision Sciences International Corporation

Dan Li


ORISE Fellow, Food & Drug Admin

Shen-Min Liang

1979 to 1985

Professor, Far East University, Taiwan

Soon Hoe Lim

2013 to 2018

Machine Learning Researcher, Nordita Institute, Stockholm

Andy J. Linfoot

2000 to 2006

Principal Software Developer, Microsoft Corporation

Li Liu

1994 to 1999

Software Engineer, Los Angeles, CA

Arthur Lo

1998 to 2004

Senior Scientist, Theravance

Andrew E. Long

1990 to 1994

Associate Professor, Northern Kentucky University

David K. Love

2007 to 2013

Manager, Chat Bot Development, American Express

Yixia Lu

2000 - 2005

Instructor, South Suburban College

David N. Lyttle

2007 to 2013

Scientist, Computational Microbiome Sciences, Seres Therapeutics, Cambridge, MA

Warren D. MacEvoy

1989 to 1994

Professor, Colorado Mesa University

Sarah E. Mann

2008 to 2013

Growth Analyst, Lead, Slack

David C. Marsden

1995 to 2002

Curriculum Manager, ACT Education Solutions, Australia

Arthur A. Mazer

1984 to 1990

Manage of Quantitative Analytics, Southern California Edison

Austin J. McDaniel

2009 to 2015

Research Mathematician, Air Force Research Lab, Kirtland Airforce Base

Erica McEvoy

2005 to 2017

Principal Data Scientist, Capital One

Daniel L. McGee, Jr.

1989 to 1994

Executive Director, Kentucky Center for Mathematics

Luke McGuire

2008 to 2013

Assistant Professor, University of Arizona

Samuel McLaren

2016 to 2021

Laser Modeling Physicist Postdoc Researcher, Lawrence Livermore National Lab

Joseph McMahon

2003 to 2009

Applied Mathematician, U.S. Department of Defense

Tyler McMillen

1997 to 2003

Associate Professor, California State University Fullerton

Erin M. McNicholas

2000 to 2006

Associate Professor, Willamette University

Emily Meissen

2011 to 2017

Business Data Analyst, Intuit Inc.

Gema A. Mercado Sanchez

1994 to 1999

Directora, Consejo Zacatecano de Ciencia, Tecnologia e Innovacion

Peter D. Miller

1989 to 1994

Professor, University of Michigan Ann Arbor

Timothy L. Miller

1978 to 1982

Scientist (Retired, NASA)

Marla M. Moody

1984 to 1993

Leobardo Fierro Murga

1987 to 1993

Regan Murray

1994 to 1999

Chief of the Drinking Water Treatment & Distribution Branch, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Matthew R. Myers

1981 to 1987

Research Physicist, U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Patrik Nabelek

2012 to 2018

Postdoc, Oregon State University

Dwight Nwaigwe

2015 to 2021

Postdoc, INRIA in Grenoble, France

Marcel Oliver

1993 to 1996

Professor, Jacobs University

Edward Overman

1976 to 1978

Associate Professor, Ohio State University

Subok Park

1999 to 2004

Director, Clinical Strategy, Lunit Corporation

Paulo M. Parra

1992 to 2003

Matthew Pennybacker

2008 to 2013

Scientist, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Jess Pillow

2016 - 2021

Postdoctoral Researcher, Nevada National Security Site

Angel Pineda-Fortin

1995 to 2002

Professor, Manhattan College, Department of Mathematics

Benjamin R. Pittman-Polletta

2004 to 2010

Research Assistant Professor, Boston University

Anthony P. Pitucco

1986 to 1991

Department Chair, Pima Community College

Nikki Plackowski

2015 - 2021

Senior Software Engineer, Sandia National Labs, Albuquerque NM

Martin P. Pokorny

1987 to 1992

National Radio Astronomy Observatory

James A. Powell

1985 to 1990

Interim Head, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Utah State University

Paul E. Proctor

1979 to 1982

C. David Pruett

1982 to 1986

Professor Emeritus, James Madison University

Stanislaw M. Przybytkowski

1978 to 1983

Performance Analyst, Pratt & Whitney, Canada

Stanislaw M. Przybytkowski

1978 to 1983

Performance Analyst, Pratt & Whitney, Canada

Rosalyn C. Rael

2003 to 2009

Scientist, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Aaron Ragsdale

2010 to 2016

Assistant Professor, Department of Integrative Biology, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Anupama Rao

1992 to 2001

David E. Rauschenberg

1989 to 1994

Senior Network Capacity Planning Engineer, Apple

Daniel Reich

2004 to 2009

Assistant Professor, Naval Postgraduate School

Justine Ritchie

1988 to 1994

Senior Research Associate, ACT Education Solutions

Suzanne Robertson

2003 to 2009

Associate Professor, Virginia Commonwealth University

Mark Robertson-Tessi

2005 to 2010

Applied Research Scientist, H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute

Heinz Roitner

1987 to 1991

Research Scientist, Research Center for Nondestructive Testing (RECENDT)

David Ropp

1991 to 2000

Systems Engineer, Northrop Grumann

W. Steven Rosenthal

2008 to 2014

Postdoc, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Louis Rossi

1990 to 1993

Professor and Director of Undergraduate Program, University of Delaware

David Russell

1977 to 1983

Chief Executive Officer, Intelligent Portal Systems, Inc.

Alexei Samsonovich

1991 to 1997

Research Assistant Professor, George Mason University

Rebecca Vandiver Sanft

2004 to 2009

Chair & Assoc. Professor, Univ of North Carolina, Asheville

Randolph J. Schilling

1977 to 1982

Constance Schober

1987 to 1991

Professor, University of Central Florida

Samuel Schofield

2001 to 2006

Computational Physicist, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

William Schuster

1990 to 2002

Senior Engineer, Honeywell Aerospace

William J. Sehnert

1990 to 1995

Senior Research Associate/Image Scientist, Eastman Kodak

Aalok Shah

2008 to 2015

Staff Research Scientist, UPSTART

Toby Shearman

2009 to 2017

Senior Scientist, May Mobility

Michael Shelley

1983 to 1985

Director of the Computational Biology Center at the Flatiron Institute of the Simons Foundation

Professor, Mathematics, NYU Courant Institute

Fangfang Shen

2001 to 2006

Senior Test Engineer, Medtronic

Maxim Shkarayev

2002 to 2008

Senior Scientist, SHKA Incorporated

Edward Soares

1990 to 1994

Associate Professor, College of the Holy Cross

George Sohos

1989 to 1994

Director, Knight Capital Group

Francisco J. Solis

1988 to 1993

Associate Professor, CIMAT (Centro de Investigacion en Mathematicas Mexico)

Joshua E. Soneson

2000 to 2005

Staff Applied Mathematician, U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Jeanine Soterwood

1997 to 2005

Development Team Lead, thoughtbot

Sivaguru Sritharan

1979 to 1982

Vice Chancellor at Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences, Bangalore, India

David P. Stapleton

1984 to 1990

Professor, University of Central Oklahoma

Donald R. Stark

1988 to 1995

Research Computing, University of Colorado, Boulder

Tomasz Stepinski

1980 to 1986

Professor, University of Cincinnati

Rebecca Stockbridge

2007 to 2013

Mobile Application Developer, Detroit Labs

Joseph P. Stover

2001 to 2008

Associate Professor, Gonzaga University

Yu Su

1985 to 1990

Julie Zhiying Sun

2004 to 2009

Data Scientist, YouTube

Rosangela Sviercoski

2000 to 2005

Marie Curie International Fellow, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

Stan Swierczek

2016 to 2021

ASEE Postdoc Fellow, Naval Research Laboratory

Craig Thompson


Suz Tolwinski-Ward

2006 to 2012

Senior Scientist, AIR Worldwide

Peter J. Tonellato

1978 to 1985

Professor, University of Missouri

Jhishen Tsay

1987 to 1991

Professor, National Sun Yat-Sen University

Guillermo Uribe

1988 to 1993

Assistant Director, University of Arizona

Jose B. Valdez Torres

1986 to 1989

Investigador, Centro de Investigacion en Alimentacion y Desarrollo

P. Rajah Varatharajah

1986 to 1991

Associate Professor, North Carolina A&T State University

Amy Veprauskas

2010 to 2016

Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics, University of Louisiana, Lafayette

John "Jack" W. Hoppin

1998 to 2003

Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Invicro, LLC

Brian D. Walton

1996 to 2002

Associate Professor, James Madison University

Abbie Warrick

1989 to 1996

Ammon Washburn

2014 to 2018

Vice President, Corporate Treasury, Goldman Sachs

Karen West

1980 to 1985

Robert R. Weyker

1981 to 1986

Patrick Whalen

2008 to 2014

Katherine Williams

2011 to 2016

Director, Business Development, Applied BioMath

C. Larrabee (Larry) Winter

1978 to 1982

Professor, University of Arizona

Michael A. Wolfson

1988 to 1994

Chief Technology Officer, MithrilNet

Tityik Wong

1990 to 1996

Professor, College of Southern Nevada

Jung Min Woo

1994 to 2000

Lynnette Wood

1983 to 1986

President, Blue Madrona LLC

Chuntao Wu

1986 to 1990

Busa Xaba

1980 to 1984

Zhuocheng Xiao

2016 to 2020

Swartz Fellow, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York University

Hui "Alex" Xiong

2006 to 2011

Senior Manager, Discover Financial Services

Bing Xu

1988 to 1995

Kenneth Yamamoto

2015 to 2020

NSF-RTG Postdoctoral Visisting Professor, Southern Methodist University (SMU)

Bole Yang

2007 to 2013

Senior Vice President, Citi Financial Services

Alex Young

2011 to 2017

Undergraduate Advisor & Lecturer, Statistics, Harvard University