MS Graduates

Martin Bazant

1992 to 1993
Associate Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Francisco Bido

1994 to 1997
Head of Quantitative Research and Portfolio Manager, Cognios Capital

Matej Boguszak

2005 to 2007
Chair, Department of Mathematics and Business, Pima Community College

Sunring Chime

1986 to 1988
Manager, Biostatistics, Global Clinical Research and Development, Hospira

Kerry Commander

1980 to 1982
Science & Technology Coordinator, Naval Surface Warfare Center

Dustin Ditchen

1999 to 2001
Principal Multi-Disciplined Engineer, Raytheon

Xiaobing Fan

1984 to 1987
Research Professor, University of Chicago

Kerensa Gimre

2011 to 2013
Environmental Economist, Maul Foster & Alongi Inc.

John Goshy

1992 to 1996
Scientific Software Engineer, University of Arizona

Kevin Gross

1997 to 1999
Senior Optical Engineer, OmniVision

Kyle Gwirtz

2016 to 2019
Graduate Student, University of California, San Diego

Peter Hall

2009 to 2011
Embedded Software Engineer, MicroBioSystems

Brian Hallmark

2003 to 2006
Assistant Research Professor
Bio5 Institute, University of Arizona

Craig Hutchings

2002 to 2004
Multi-Discipline Engineer, Raytheon Missile Systems

Alvaro Islas

1988 to 1992
Lecturer, University of Central Florida

Mark Kot

1982 to 1984
Associate Professor, University of Washington

Rachel Labes

2002 to 2005
Faculty, The Nightingale-Bamford School

Ethan Lockhart

Senior Machine Learning/Computer Vision Scientist at BAE Systems

John McKinnon

2018 - 2020
Graduate Student, Atmospheric Sciences PhD Program, University of Arizona

Mark Muktoyuk

1998 to 2000
Sr. Systems Engineer, Raytheon Missile Systems

Karen Nutt

2010 to 2012
Math Quality Control Specialist, ALEKS Corporation

John Pate

2007 to 2009
Principal Systems Engineer, Raytheon Missile Systems

Anya Petersen

2003 to 2006
Sr. Software Engineer, Buildings and Thermal Sciences, National Renewable Energy Lab

Julie Pullen

1991 to 1993
Director, Stevens Institute of Technology

Tessa-Jonne Ropp

1999 to 2001
Postdoctoral Fellow, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

Jason Rose

1995 to 1996
Faculty, Brigham Young University - Idaho

Daniel Rovey

1991 to 2001
Engineering Consultant, Zero Point Frontiers Corp

Subhi Ruzieh

1982 to 1984
Assistant Professor, An-Najah National University

Craig Savage

1997 to 1999
Senior Quantitative Analyst, National Australia Bank

Kelly Smith

2006 to 2008
Systems Engineer, Lockheed Martin

Martin Staley

1989 to 1991
Technical Staff Member, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Jasmin Uribe

2011 to 2013
Graduate Student, University of Arizona

Matthew Watts

2005 to 2007
Adjunct Faculty, Tidewater Community College

Simon Wenden

1990 to 1991
Risk Analysis, Royal Bank of Scotland