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The Program in Applied Mathematics is a broad-based interdisciplinary program offering the PhD degree in applied mathematics (an MS degree is also a possibility, decided individually). The aim of the Program is to train students in contemporary applied mathematics, which includes the development of mathematical models, computational, theoretical, and data-driven tools to solve real world problems in physical, engineering, biological and social sciences. 

  • Rigorous program of core courses, which were re-designed in 2019 to include emergent applied mathematics of AI and Machine Learning; Visit our Core Courses webpage.
  • Focus on research, with the earliest opportunity to pursue research activities of the students' choice advised by more than 100 affiliate professors from 6 colleges and 24 departments across UArizona; Visit our Faculty webpage.
  • The Program sponsors a variety of seminars, colloquia, lecture series, workshops and conferences, all of which are considered an integral part of the graduate training program.
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We are looking for students who are passionate about mathematics and various applications of mathematics and have a strong track record (courses) in undergraduate Mathematics. However, one does not need to have B.Sc. in Mathematics to be admitted to the Program. In fact, many of our students enter the Program with undergraduate degrees in physical, natural sciences or engineering disciplines.

Our program primarily emphasizes the PhD track. Students who gain admission to the PhD program receive financial assistance, either as a Teaching Assistantship, a Fellowship, or a combination of both. This support extends for up to five years, subject to maintaining satisfactory academic progress and standing. Notably, the financial aid provided to PhD students covers their tuition fees and student health insurance. Additionally, during their PhD journey, students also earn an MSc degree.

Conversely, students who enroll in the MSc program are typically not offered financial aid and are responsible for covering their tuition fees.

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Begin your application journey for the Program in Applied Mathematics at The University of Arizona through the Graduate College Admissions Application found here Apply Now!

Upon completing the online application, ensure you provide the following:

  1. Recommendation Letters: Three letters from individuals, preferably faculty, familiar with your academic prowess and research potential. They should submit their letters electronically. For queries regarding this, reach out to
  2. Statement of Purpose: Elaborate on your research interests, prior research ventures, and why our program aligns with your academic aspirations. If relevant, describe any teaching or tutoring roles you've held and list courses taught. Note: Prior teaching experience isn't mandatory for admission.
  3. Transcripts: Upload electronic copies (scanned/unofficial) of transcripts and diplomas from all post-secondary institutions. After admission, the Graduate College will require an official transcript that shows the degree posted.
  4. Test Scores: We accept but do not require GRE General Test scores. Optionally, you can also submit the Math Subject Test scores. If sending scores electronically, use 4832 as the Institution code and 0702 for our program.
  5. English Proficiency: Applicable for international applicants only.

There is an $85 application fee, payable via credit card during the online application. For information on fee waivers, consult the GradApp Application Fee Waiver Verification page.

Your application stands incomplete without the aforementioned documents. Should you face issues uploading electronically, contact our Graduate Office at or call (520) 621-2016.

  • January:  Application deadline is January 6 (domestic and international). Late applications considered until all slots are filled.
  • Late January - Early February: Phone or Zoom interviews are conducted by the Admissions Committee. Initial offers sent out by mid-February.
  • March: Recruitment workshop (anticipated to be in-person)
  • April 15: Deadline for accepting offers
  • Early August: Admitted students commence their journey on campus

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