Analysis, Dynamics and Applications Seminar

The Boltzmann equation near and far from equilibrium

If an ideal gas is in thermodynamic equilibrium, the distribution of particle velocities is given explicitly by the Maxwellian (a.k.a. Maxwell-Boltzmann) distribution. If the gas is out of equilibrium, modeling the dynamics is naturally much more difficult. The evolution equation satisfied by the particle density, known as the Boltzmann equation, lacks a suitable well-posedness theory despite its long history and widespread use in statistical physics. So far, global solutions have only been constructed for initial data that is sufficiently close to an equilibrium state. In this talk, I will describe progress from the last few years on the "large-data" or "far-from-equilibrium" regime, including joint work with C. Henderson and A. Tarfulea on local existence, instantaneous filling of vacuum regions, and continuation criteria.

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12:30 p.m. April 13, 2021