Brown Bag Seminar

SIAM Lunch with Alumnus and Professor John Gemmer, Department of Mathematics, Wake Forest University

Come and learn about:

  • Wisdom and perspective on academic careers
  • How to set yourself up well while in graduate school to land academic postdocs/jobs
  • How an alumnus of the Applied Math Program has built a successful career in the years since graduating

A bit about him… John Gemmer is an alumnus of the Program in Applied Mathematics here at Arizona, obtaining his PhD in 2012. His is now an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Wake Forest University, after postdoctoral fellowships at the Arizona Center for Mathematical Sciences here and at Brown University. He has since built a successful academic career teaching and mentoring students, while developing a strong research program in applying analysis, variational calculus, asymptotics, differential geometry, and numerical simulations to study phenomena in the physical and biological sciences. Meanwhile, he's inspired a few first/second-year students in our Program to come here!


1 p.m. Oct. 25, 2019


Math, 402