Head abstract: V2X Mobility Applications: MMITSS, CV Work Zone, EVA, Cooperative Safety

Vehicle to Vehicle and Vehicle to Infrastructure, called v2x, communications creates an information rich environment for transportation mobility and safety applications. We examine several prototype applications that aim to improve mobility, the Multi Modal Intelligent Traffic Signal System (MMITSS), and safety, the CV Work Zone for Freight Vehicles (CVWZ) system, Emergency Vehicle Alert (EVA) application, and Cooperative Safety Concepts. MMITSS utilizes V2X data to provide multi-modal traffic signal priority. CVWZ utilizes a new Road Safety Message to describe the roadway geometry and alert operators of hazards. EVA shares information between connected vehicles to improve situational awareness. Finally, we present emerging research on the use of infrastructure- and vehicle-based sensors for safety assessment. We consider several V2X system characteristics, including range, latency, bandwidth, and market penetration.