Jim M. Cushing


Research Areas of Interest

Derivation and analysis of mathematical models that describe population and evolutionary dynamics



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Current Students

Former Students

Zakaria M. Alawneh

1986 to 1990

Associate Professor, Umm Al-Qurra University

Sheree Arpin

2001 to 2007

Assistant Professor, Framingham State University

Kbenesh Blayneh

1989 to 1995

Professor, Florida A&M University

Kathleen M. Crowe

1987 to 1991

Director of Data Science, Intel Corporation

Martin Gildardo Garcia-Alvarado

1991 to 1998

Professor, Universidad de Sonora

Emily Meissen

2011 to 2017

Business Data Analyst, Intuit Inc.

Rosalyn C. Rael

2003 to 2009

Scientist, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Suzanne Robertson

2003 to 2009

Associate Professor, Virginia Commonwealth University

Guillermo Uribe

1988 to 1993

Assistant Director, University of Arizona

Amy Veprauskas

2010 to 2016

Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics, University of Louisiana, Lafayette

Bing Xu

1988 to 1995

Research Groups