Seminar Videos Fall 2022

Please note: If there is no recording listed, it either is not available, or the seminar was not held.

date series talk title & video link speaker
9/6/22 Analysis Seminar The Determinant of the Finite Volume Laplacian Thomas Doerhman, Mathematics Department
9/7/22 Brown Bag Seminar How the Grad College Office of Fellowships Can Help You

Shelley Hawthorne-Smith, Grad College, Office of Fellowships & Community Engagement

9/8/22 Modeling Seminar Iterative and direct solutions of Hierarchical Poincar-Steklov type discretizations for the 3D Helmholtz equation with variable coefficients Jose-Pablo Lucero-Lorca, Dept of Applied Mathematics, UC, Boulder
9/9/22 Colloquium

Mathematical models of curiosity

Dani Bassett, Dept of Physics & Astronomy, University of Pennsylvania

9/13/22 Analysis Seminar Harmonic maps between point clouds? Being an approach to comparing non-idealized manifolds Emily Banks, Dept of Mathematics
9/14/22 Brown Bag Seminar Born in a BARN: Bayesian Additive Regression Networks Dan Van Boxel, Program in Applied Mathematics
9/15/22 Modeling Seminar

How math could expand the boundaries of modern high speed fiber optic communications

Ilya Kuk, Program in Applied Mathematics
9/16/22 Colloquium + 
Raytheon Day
Artificial Intelligence approaches for physical and cyber resilience of the 16 DHS CISA designated Critical Infrastructure Sectors in US economy

Alex Dely, PhD RMD, Contracts Manager, Enabling Technologies and Advanced Materials Directorate, Raytheon Technologies