New Core Courses

This page contains material on the core curriculum of the Graduate Interdisciplinary Program (GIDP) in Applied Mathematics at the University of Arizona (upgraded in 2019-2020).

Core classes of the Applied Mathematics GIDP are

  • Math 527 a,b: Theory -- Principles of Analysis (Theoretical Foundations of Applied Mathematics). 
  • Math 583 a,b: Methods -- Principles and Methods in Applied Mathematics. 
  • Math 575 a,b: Algorithms -- Numerical Analysis (Numerical Analysis and Algorithms of Applied Mathematics). 

          # in UA catalog a=fall,b=spring: Short Name -- Official Name (Tentative Future Name) 

All the classes are mandatory for the Applied Mathematics (AM) first year students (major in AM).

See sub-pages highlighted within the table below for description (syllabus) of the core classes curriculum and review of Introductory Material.

The Core Course Notes and additional learning resources as well as Introductory Material, including overview of the core courses, review of topics, guide to incoming students and sample problems.

Please check background reading recommendations to help prepare for the core classes.