Graduate Certificate in Applied Mathematics

The Graduate Certificate in Applied Mathematics will enable students and professional scientists to obtain an advanced training in various areas of applied mathematics through a program of required and elective coursework at the graduate level. The required coursework is drawn from the core curriculum of the Program in Applied Mathematics and the broad range of electives will enable them to develop mathematical expertise in application areas useful to their professional development. Request Info Here

The certificate is primarily aimed at the professional community outside the University (e.g. employees in local companies). The certificate will provide additional professional qualifications to assist in their career development, and will help foster closer relations with the University. A successful Certificate experience may also encourage such professionals to enroll in the MS and PhD degrees in Applied Mathematics. Since the Certificate courses are at the graduate level a strong background in undergraduate mathematics courses is required.

Required Coursework:

Minumum credits: 12 with a minimum of 3 units from:
MATH 527 a, b Principles of Analysis
MATH 575 a, b Numerical Analysis
MATH 583 a, b Principles and Methods of Applied Mathematics

Language requirements: None.
Other requirements: Completion of an additional 9 units from a list of approved electives. Final course selection must be approved by the Head of the Program.

The GPA of all courses to be counted toward the Certificate must be greater than 3.0. No course may be taken more than once.