PhD Minor

PhD Minor for Applied Mathematics students

The PhD degree at the University of Arizona is structured to have both a Major and a Minor. However, by completing the degree requirements for the PhD in Applied Mathematics, students simultaneously fulfill the requirements of the PhD minor in Applied Mathematics. Most students are not concerned with the minor. However, students working on an interdisciplinary research topic and who want to highlight their knowledge in some area outside of mathematics may wish to investigate the possibilities of completing the minor requirements in that field. Not all departments offer a minor and requirements may vary. If the student has declared a minor outside of Applied Mathematics, the Comprehensive Exam Committee must include one faculty member representing the minor department. The representative of the minor department does not have to be a member of the Applied Mathematics Program but must be a tenure-track professor at that UA.

Deciding whether to pursue a minor in another field and planning the timetable to complete its requirements is not always obvious and students are strongly encouraged to discuss the matter with their advisor and/or the Program Head.

PhD Minor in Applied Mathematics for students in other degree programs

Students in other graduate programs can earn a PhD minor in Applied Mathematics. (If interested, please fill out an application form and forward it to Stacey LaBorde in the Applied Math graduate office).

The requirements are as follows:

One Applied Mathematics faculty Member or Affiliate Member is required to serve on the minor student's Oral Comprehensive Exam Committee. Program faculty who are also on the student's committee as representatives of the major department are eligible to play the role of minor representative as well.

The Applied Mathematics Program Head must approve the Applied Math minor form before the Doctoral Plan of Study is submitted in GradPath prior to the Comprehensive Exam.

  • Completion of 12 units of approved course work in Applied Mathematics. Students should make sure that their proposed programs of coursework for the PhD minor are approved before they begin taking the courses.
  • At least 6 of these units must be from the Applied Mathematics core sequence: (Math 527 a, b; Math 575 a, b; Math 583 a, b). Other courses taken should not be cross-listed with a 400-level course (please check the Course Catalog).
  • Maintain better than a 3.0 GPA.
  • There is no written exam requirement for the minor.