Masters Degree

Masters in Applied Mathematics consists of the following requirements (Request Info Here):

MS Course Requirements

  1. Completion of twenty (20) units from the core courses with two (2) of these being in the Professional Skills and Development seminar.
  2. Completion of six (6) or more units at the 500-level from departments other than Mathematics.

Note: If the student has taken courses equivalent to some of the core courses, the requirements may be revised. The requirement of 30 total units will not, however, be reduced. The Graduate College requires that 50% of the units must be in courses for which ABC grades are given. All units must be at the 500-level or above, with the exception that up to six units of 400-level courses may be taken outside the Department of Mathematics, with prior approval from the Program Head.

Examination Requirements

The student must successfully complete the written Qualifying Examination (see Student Handbook, Sections VI and VII) at the MS level.