Arizona-Los Alamos Days 2020


On May 18-19, 2020, the Program in Applied Mathematics will host the Los Alamos - Arizona Days Conference.
The event will be held on Zoom.

There will be 7 topic sessions: Biology, Astronomy, Materials, Energy Systems, Geosciences/ Climate, Fluid Mechanics, and AI/ML/Data Science.

Important!  All times listed on the schedule are AZ time (MST); Los Alamos participants please note the 1 hour time difference (MDT)   The tentative schedule is as follows:

Topic / Time
Speaker (affiliation)
Title of talk / abstract

Monday, May 18, 2020

7:45-8:00am Welcome address from

Irene Qualters (LANL, Associate Laboratory Director of Simulation & Computation) and Liesl Folks (UA, Provost)

Alan Perelson (LANL) Within host modeling of SARS-CoV-2 infection and treatment
Faryad Sahneh (UA) Network-based Epidemic Modeling of COVID-19
Emma Goldberg (LANL) Using population phylogeny for epidemiological inferences with application to COVID
Steve Sanche (LANL) Tomographic rate of growth estimation of COVID in China
Bill Fries (UA) Data-driven model discovery
No posters for this session.
10:00-10:15am Virtual Coffee & Refreshments Break
Daniel Livescu (LANL) & Misha Chertkov (UA)
Kevin Ferguson (UA) Experiments on the Richtmyer-Meshkov Instability in Shock and Reshock
Yifeng Tian (LANL) Physics Informed Learning of the Lagrangian Dynamics of Velocity Gradient Tensor
Christoph Hader (UA) Towards simulating natural transition in hypersonic boundary layers via random inflow disturbances
Nek Sharan (LANL) High-order energy-stable boundary treatment for finite-difference cut-cell method
Highlights of posters for FLUID MECHANICS (poster session at 4:00pm):
Ismael Boersma (LANL): Learning closure models for turbulence
Kevin Cherng (LANL): Variable Transport Property Effects on the Compressible Rayleigh-Taylor Instability
Hannah Kravitz (UA): Eigenvalue problem for the wave equation on a metric graph with applications to random network lasers
Jerry Luo (UA): Random Field Model for Passive Scalar in Turbulence
Dima Tretiak  (LANL): Applying Volumetric GANs to the Problem of Turbulence
Michael Woodward (UA): Molecular Dynamics: Applying Neural ODE for learning the potential
Armando Albornoz-Basto (UA): Solving Maxwell's equations with FDTD
11:45am-1:00pm Virtual lunch break - with a light "recalling history" presentation during the last 15 minutes with Alan Bishop (LANL)
Chris Fryer (LANL) & Chi-Kwan Chan (UA)
Greg Salvesen (LANL) Spin-Orbit Misalignments in Microquasars
Marina Kisley (UA) Classifying Astronomical Transients Upon First Discovery by Rubin Observatory (LSST)
Ryan Wollaeger (LANL) Kilonova Model Grid from Multigroup Radiative Transfer in 2D Axisymmetry
Kaushik Satapathy (UA) Variability in GRMHD Simulations of Black Hole Environments
Jonah Miller (LANL) Neutrino Transport and Nucleosynthesis in Collapsars
Tyler Trent (UA) Charged Particle Trajectories in a Magnetic Dipole for Flat and Kerr Spacetimes

Highlights of posters for ASTRONOMY (poster session at 4:00pm):
John Ryan Westernacher-Schneider (UA): Multimessenger Asteroseismology of Core-Collapse Supernovae

Chi-kwan Chan (UA): Data Analysis on the Cloud - the Laniakea and AstroContainers Projects

2:30-2:45pm Virtual Coffee & Refreshments Break
Jeffrey Hyman (LANL) & Laura Condon (UA)
Madeleine Jean Holland (UA) Snowpack and forest cover across continental US
Yu Chen (LANL) Recent progresses in image-based pore-scale multiphase flow simulations using advanced models and GPU acceleration
Mohammad Reza Ehsani (UA) & Ali Behrangi (UA) Machine Learning: A viable option to improve precipitation retrievals in cold regions
Bailian Chen (LANL) Reducing uncertainty in geologic CO2 sequestration risk assessment by assimilating monitoring data

Highlights of posters for GEOSCIENCES/CLIMATE (poster session at 4:00pm):
Charles Abolt (LANL): Machine-learning based measurement of ice wedge polygon geomorphology, Prudhoe Bay, Alaska
Garret Aldrich (LANL/UC Davis): Feature-Based Analysis and Evaluation of Emulated Flow and Transport on Discrete Fracture Networks
Sidian Chen (UA): Fully-implicit dynamic pore-network modeling of two-phase flow in porous media
Luis De la Fuenta (UA)& Hoshin Gupta (UA): Robust data splitting for hydrological modeling: Implementation of machine learning techniques
Jack Reeves Eyre (UA): Sensitivity of E3SM energy and water cycles to ocean surface flux algorithm design

4:00-5:00pm Poster Session for Day 1

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Andrey Lokhov (LANL) & Stephen Kobourov (UA)
Stephen Kobourov (UA) Visualization: Putting Data on the Map
Abhijith Jayakumar (LANL) Neural network basis functions for learning graphical models
Kwang-Sung Jun (UA) Adaptive data collection for accelerating discovery rates
Forrest Sheldon (LANL) Optimization and Learning in Novel Hardware
Jason Pacheco (UA) Probabilistic Reasoning in Complex Systems
Tillmann Weisser (LANL) Recover functional relations from moment information
Chicheng Zhang (UA) Efficient and noise-tolerant active learning of sparse halfspaces
Highlights of posters for AI/ ML/DATA SCIENCE (poster session at 2:30pm):
Ryan Coatney (UA): A `Responsible' Softmax Layer for Deep Learning Classification as a Mixture Model
10:00-10:15am Virtual Coffee & Refreshments Break

Deepjoti Deka (LANL) & Roberto Furfaro (UA)
Alexander Josephson (LANL)

Capturing fire behavior and source emissions through high-fidelity CFD 

Andrea Scorsoglio (UA)

Image-based Deep Reinforcement Meta-Learning for Precision Lunar Landing

Smitha Gopinath (LANL) Global optimization of power transmission systems: tight convex relaxations and parallel algorithms
Enrico Schiassi (UA)

Physics-Informed Extreme Theory of Functional Connections for parametric ODEs and PDEs

David Metivier (LANL) Sparse polynomial chaos expansion for the stochastic AC optimal power flow
Laurent Pagnier (UA)

Learning Power Systems Dynamics: Comparative Analysis of Different Schemes

Highlights of posters for ENGINEERING SYSTEMS (poster session at 2:30pm):
Kris Drozd (UA): An Actor-Critic method based on Extreme Learning Machines for Hypersonics Guidance
Mario De Florio (UA): Physics-Informed Solutions of Radiative Transfer Problems
Luca Ghilardi (UA): Deep Semantic Segmentation for Visual-based Planetary Landing Site Selection
Andrea D'Ambrosio (UA): Physics-Informed Solutions of Optimal Control Problems via Extreme Theory of Functional Connections
Haoxiang Yang (LANL): Data-driven Optimization for Distribution Networks under Stochastic Disruptions

11:45-1:00pm Virtual lunch break - with a light "recalling history" presentation during the last 15 minutes Mac Hyman (Tulane University)
Sergey Tretiak (LANL) & Krishna Muralidharan (UA)
Veaceslav Coropceanu  (UA) Charge Transfer States at Organic-Organic Interfaces: Impact on Electronic Processes
Ryan Jadrich (LANL) Accelerating ab initio simulation for equilibrium material property prediction
Venkateswara Rao Manga  (UA) A generalized first-principles approach to modeling phonon-mediated processes in solid-state materials
Justin Smith (LANL) Automated discovery of a robust interatomic potential for aluminum
Rachel Gorelik (UA) Ionic transport in C60 molecular solids: Implications for solid state electrolytes
Steven Baro (UA) Atomic units to Astronomical Units: Computational materials science methods to interpret interstellar and nebular processes
No posters for this session.
2:30-3:30pm Poster Session for Day 2
3:30-5:00pm Discussions of future plans, collaborations


  1. Main organizers are (Angel Garcia/LANL - Misha Chertkov/UA).

  2. Organizers of the topical sessions are:


If you are interested to present a short talk or a poster session please get in contact with leaders of the respective session ASAP.